Blue Peace Middle East Convenes its 12th Managing Committee Meeting in Izmir, Türkiye

Blue Peace Middle East Convenes its 12th Managing Committee Meeting in Izmir, Türkiye

Izmir, Türkiye - Apr 20, 2024 - Blue Peace Middle East (Blue Peace ME), the only regionally owned dialogue platform dedicated to fostering water cooperation and peace in the Middle East, organized its 12th Managing Committee (MC) meeting in Izmir, Türkiye. The meeting, scheduled on the 19th and 20th of April, 2024, brought together MC members from across the region to discuss ongoing initiatives and chart the course for future endeavors.

The 12th MC meeting allowed the MC members to engage in dialogue and knowledge exchange to advance the initiative’s overall goals. Therefore, the Blue Peace ME Coordination Office (CO) delivered a detailed overview of the current activities, achievements, and planned future endeavors.

During the meeting, the MC members discussed the Water Footprint Study, a landmark study that addresses the intricate dynamics of water usage in the Blue Peace ME countries: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Türkiye. The results of the study will be disseminated in international conferences, including, but not limited to, Baghdad International Water Conference and Stockholm World Water Week.

Our meeting in Izmir represents an exceptional opportunity to exchange knowledge and witness first-hand application of innovative water management technologies,” Eng. Maysoon Al-Zoubi, Chair of the Blue Peace ME Managing Committee said. “The trip was pivotal for understanding the practical implications of our discussions on water management and efficiency.”


A significant component of the MC meeting was the opportunity for knowledge exchange and site visits to showcase Türkiye's expertise in water management and efficiency. Among the notable visits, planned on the 19th of April, were stops at an Artificial Groundwater Recharge Facility in the Tire district and the Kiraz Suludere Underground Dam.

These site visits offered MC members a firsthand look at innovative solutions to shared water challenges, from mitigating evaporation losses to enhancing agricultural productivity. Moreover, engagement with Türkiye's leading experts and institutions underscores the potential for regional collaboration and capacity building in the realm of sustainable water management and agriculture. Adopting underground dam technologies may secure a water-resilient future. Nevertheless, it needs conducive policies and secured investment in technology and expertise.

There are around twenty underground dams in Türkiye, noting that in 2019, Türkiye planned to build 100 underground dams,” Prof. Dr Bülent Inanç, the Vice President of the Turkish Water Institute (SUEN), said. “Those dams are vital for reducing evaporation losses and providing irrigation water, especially in arid and semi-arid areas.”

As the 12th MC meeting wrapped up, Blue Peace ME showcased the enduring importance of cooperation and peace, despite all the challenging, for the prosperity of all.