About Us

About Us

Blue Peace Middle East is a non-governmental regional initiative that aims to strengthen cooperation over water across borders, sectors and generations.

Working with senior water experts, academics, politicians and journalists among others, the initiative is dedicated to improving the region’s water, food and energy security and preserving ecosystems in a changing climate.

Blue Peace ME is the first initiative of its kind in the Middle East. As a regionally owned dialogue platform, it has made it its mission to transform water from a potential source of conflict into an instrument for cooperation and peace.

With partners in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Türkiye, the initiative uses dialogue, capacity building and concrete action to realise its vision of using the power of water to build a peaceful future for the region.



Using the power of water to build a peaceful future for the region.



Transforming water from a potential source of conflict into an instrument of cooperation and peace through dialogue, capacity building and concrete action.


Our Journey 

Blue Peace Middle East was jointly launched in 2010 by the Strategic Foresight Group (SFG), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The initiative promoted a regional vision for water management and cooperation. In addition to regular regional meetings, Blue Peace Middle East organized visits to regional basins around the world to help representatives from the Middle East develop a fitting model for their region, based on global best practices. 

Since January 2019, the initiative is led by the Blue Peace Middle East Regional Mechanism, which is composed of representatives from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Türkiye.


Blue Peace, a global movement

Blue Peace Middle East is part of the Blue Peace movement, which brings together people from around the world who share a common belief in the power of water to connect us all.

Supported by policy makers, businesses, NGOs, research institutions and multilateral organisations, Blue Peace seeks to change conventional thinking on water and build a coalition of stakeholders who champion climate-resilient and sustainable use of water across boundaries, sectors and generations.

The Blue Peace movement was launched in 2010, with the aim of using water as an instrument for peace. Since then, several institutions have been created, including the Global High Level Panel on Water & Peace, Blue Peace Middle East and Blue Peace Central Asia. Various youth organizations also participate in the movement.

To find out more, read this article or visit the Blue Peace website.